Top 7 Popular Happy Hour Drinks

Weekends are underrated. We only realize this truth when the alarm starts blaring at 6:30 a.m. on a Monday morning. Just then, you’re wondering where the weekend had gone to, and what you did with it. Getting some time to cool off after work have also become a global tradition; something popularly called “Happy Hour”. It has become quite the growing trend in the US (those few hours after work you spend with friends over a glass or two). For most people, Happy Hour begins at 5 p.m.

Happy Hour is not complete without the special drinks that go with them, and right here, we will see some of the most popular happy hour drinks and why they are so popular. I must warn you though. If you are not a mixed drink connoisseur, some of the drinks might be a whole new terrain for you. It is time to add some flavour in your life and move slightly away from the bar basics, like beer, gin and tonic and rum. So, here are the top 7 most popular Happy Hour drinks there are.

  • Margarita: I am sure you expected to see this on this list. I mean, it is arguably the most popular cocktail in the US. Like most other tequila-based cocktails, it has its origins in Mexico. If you have never had a Margarita, here is something to think about; sweet orange liqueur, tang lime flavour with that astringent kick, mixed with the strength and distinctive taste of tequila. One way or another- whether we take the 1948 Acapulco story or go with the play on the Daisy- Margarita is certainly one drink you’ll find flying around a bar during an American happy hour.
  • Mojito: If you live in DC, there’s no way you don’t have a good knowledge of mojitos. In fact, most bars serve a Mojito special happy hour every other day. This special Cuban drink contains four major ingredients: zesty lime, fresh mint, rum (usually white) and sugar. Typically, a bar man would mix up the mint leaves, wine juice and sugar in a jug as he continues to crush the mint. The mixture is then poured into a tall glass and ice is added. Once this is achieved, all that’s left is adding the rum and stirring with a long spoon. The glass is then filled up with soda water and garnished with mint.
  • Martinis: Some may argue that martinis are high up the ladder with the most popular cocktails. If you do a random study, that claim may not be far from the truth. After all, it is one of the very few American cocktail inventions true and true. There are several of them, each having its own fair share of the martini market. From Dry martini, vodka martini and vesper martini to the French martini, the Gibson cocktail and the others, there’s a reason this is a Happy Hour special among many drinkers. The most popular blend in the US is the Dry Martini. “Stirred, not shaken” is a popular phrase that follows most requests.

The spirit-forwarding, cool, crisp, and searing vibe is one of the reasons it is loved so dearly. Also called the Classic Martini, you’ll have a strong kick of gin and vermouth. Several serving variations also exist, such as ‘gin or vodka’, ‘shaken or stirred’, ‘on the rocks or straight’.