Top 7 Popular Happy Hour Drinks

Weekends are underrated. We only realize this truth when the alarm starts blaring at 6:30 a.m. on a Monday morning. Just then, you’re wondering where the weekend had gone to, and what you did with it. Getting some time to cool off after work have also become a global tradition; something popularly called “Happy Hour”. It has become quite the growing trend in the US (those few hours after work you spend with friends over a glass or two). For most people, Happy Hour begins at 5 p.m.

Happy Hour is not complete without the special drinks that go with them, and right here, we will see some of the most popular happy hour drinks and why they are so popular. I must warn you though. If you are not a mixed drink connoisseur, some of the drinks might be a whole new terrain for you. It is time to add some flavour in your life and move slightly away from the bar basics, like beer, gin and tonic and rum. So, here are the top 7 most popular Happy Hour drinks there are.

  • Margarita: I am sure you expected to see this on this list. I mean, it is arguably the most popular cocktail in the US. Like most other tequila-based cocktails, it has its origins in Mexico. If you have never had a Margarita, here is something to think about; sweet orange liqueur, tang lime flavour with that astringent kick, mixed with the strength and distinctive taste of tequila. One way or another- whether we take the 1948 Acapulco story or go with the play on the Daisy- Margarita is certainly one drink you’ll find flying around a bar during an American happy hour.
  • Mojito: If you live in DC, there’s no way you don’t have a good knowledge of mojitos. In fact, most bars serve a Mojito special happy hour every other day. This special Cuban drink contains four major ingredients: zesty lime, fresh mint, rum (usually white) and sugar. Typically, a bar man would mix up the mint leaves, wine juice and sugar in a jug as he continues to crush the mint. The mixture is then poured into a tall glass and ice is added. Once this is achieved, all that’s left is adding the rum and stirring with a long spoon. The glass is then filled up with soda water and garnished with mint.
  • Martinis: Some may argue that martinis are high up the ladder with the most popular cocktails. If you do a random study, that claim may not be far from the truth. After all, it is one of the very few American cocktail inventions true and true. There are several of them, each having its own fair share of the martini market. From Dry martini, vodka martini and vesper martini to the French martini, the Gibson cocktail and the others, there’s a reason this is a Happy Hour special among many drinkers. The most popular blend in the US is the Dry Martini. “Stirred, not shaken” is a popular phrase that follows most requests.

The spirit-forwarding, cool, crisp, and searing vibe is one of the reasons it is loved so dearly. Also called the Classic Martini, you’ll have a strong kick of gin and vermouth. Several serving variations also exist, such as ‘gin or vodka’, ‘shaken or stirred’, ‘on the rocks or straight’.

Dos and Don’ts When Storing Wine

It doesn’t matter if you have 500 bottles of wine or you only got 5 in store. The last thing you want is for you to compromise the taste of your precious wine or for all bottles to go bad completely before you even get to take a sip. 

Sadly, not all wine connoisseurs are blessed with the luxury of having their own wine cellar. This is why it is important for you to learn how to keep your drinks fresh until the day you finally uncork them. Here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to proper wine storage: A good wine rack helps a lot.


  • Keep it chilled. 

Average room temperatures tend to be quite warm for wine serving and storage. Wine quickly ages and goes bad if the ambient temperature is warmed. Wines kept in room temperature don’t get a chance to express themselves completely and taste duller. Always keep your wine chilled to make the most out of their natural taste. 

  • Choose a convenient spot for storage.

Even though it is good for your wine, it is not convenient or practical to have your wine stored in your upstairs closet free from dangerous elements. Wine, either closed or open, is a great topic to start conversations and bring people together. Make sure you keep your wine bottles in a convenient and accessible place, ready for retrieval and opening anytime and every time. 

  • Keep the wine bottles where it is easy to view and choose one. 

You should know what you got in your collection and where you should look for it. While it helps to document your collection, nothing beats having a clear visual display of it. 

  • Store wine bottles on their side.

This is all about cork moisture. When bottles are kept on their sides so that wine constantly touches the cork, you prevent the problem known as corked wine.


  • Don’t keep wine bottles in the kitchen fridge for a long time. 

A lot of people assume that the best way to solve the temperature issue is to store their bottles inside the refrigerator. However, unless you have a dedicated wine refrigerator, this practice may do more harm than good. 

  • Don’t place the wine atop the refrigerator. 

Convenience may be important but you also need to consider maintaining the integrity of your wine. It may seem logical to put your bottles on top of the refrigerator but the vibrations and all the processes happening inside your refrigerator can affect the aging process and taste of your wine. 

  • Don’t store your wine under direct sunlight or harsh interior lighting. 

Lighting helps to showcase your collection but you need to use the right kind of lighting here. Remember that average household lighting can give off heat that is not recommended for your wine. UV and sun rays are even worse. Keep the bottles away from your windows and other natural light sources. LED is your best option for light source because it emits a soft glow with no heat. 

Built-In VS Freestanding Wine Fridges

top winery fridges

Built-In VS Freestanding Wine Fridges – Crucial Things to Consider

If you are a wine lover, you will naturally wish to buy a new wine refrigerator for your personal use at home. While shopping for the right choice, you will notice that there are 2 basic types of wine coolers at ClevelandLeader. These include freestanding and built-in models. There are several differences between the two. As the name suggests, freestanding ones are meant to be installed separately. These cannot be installed under a counter, since that can easily endanger the life of the unit, as well as, the wines inside. On the other hand, built-in freezers are designed to be installed under a counter. These come with vents in front of the unit which lets the fridge work properly even with wooden cabinetry on all 3 sides.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Between a Freestanding and a Built-In

When you go shopping for a new wine fridge, you need to consider several factors before you make the final choice. Some of the vital factors have been discussed below.

  1. Placement of The Fridge: It is very important that you decide upon the place where you wish to install the fridge. If you prefer to fill up an empty cabinet space, then choosing a built-in wine refrigerator will be a good idea. These appliances are especially designed to fit into under-the-counter small spaces. However, if you wish to place the appliance to occupy an empty space in one of your rooms, then purchasing a freestanding unit will be a good option.
  2. Capacity of The Unit: Once you determine the place where you plan to install the wine fridge, the next major factor to consider is the number of wine bottles you plan to store inside the appliance. When you decide to go for a built-in refrigerator, you need to remember that these are usually compact in size. This is simply because these are designed to be installed under a counter. Since these have a limited size, their capacity is also limited. On the other hand, freestanding appliances provide more room for you to store your wines with ease.
  3. Temperature Zones: One of the primary differences between a built-in and a freestanding wine fridge is the different temperature zones. Most of the wine coolers come with a single temperature zone section. This means the same temperature is maintained throughout the appliance. Such units are usually god for users who use one kind or wine, white or red. If you start storing different types of wine in the same fridge, then you will need to use one which comes with a dual temperature feature.
  4. Cooling Options: It is good to know that there are wine coolers with different cooling options. Some come with compressor cooling, some come with thermoelectric cooling, and some come with air cooled technology. Those with compressor cooling technology tend to vibrate a lot at times which may disrupt the sediments of the wine. Wine coolers that run on thermoelectric cooling technology are quieter and cool in an even manner. Wine coolers with air cooled technology tend to be built-in rather than freestanding.

Kelowna Winery- A must see when visiting the Okanagan

The View Winery

Kelowna Winery visits are a hit with locals and tourists

Kelowna BC in Canada is popular because of many things and one of these things is having some of the best wineries in the world. A Kelowna winery that makes wine both for the local and international markets will increase their market size. The wineries contribute significantly to the economy of the city and therefore they are an important component of the society. The wineries are of different sizes with the big ones having capacity to produce a lot of wine which is sold both in Canada and in other parts of the world. Some of the most popular Kelowna wineries include; Summerhill Pyramid Winery, The View Winery and Cedar Creek Estate Winery.

Some of the qualities that makes companies in this area stand out include that they use some of the latest winemaking techniques. The wineries have teams of professionals and some of the best Sommeliers

who have the necessary skills to make wine effectively. They also use state of the art machines and tools to aid their vintages. These attributes give them an opportunity to make a high-quality product which is liked all over the world. Furthermore, the wineries in this city make wine which has met the necessary standards. This is facilitated by the fact that each winery must be licensed before starting to operate. The licenses are only issued after inspections are done to make sure that everything that is needed is available.

Another quality of the Kelowna wineries is that they provide employment to the people of this area. Some of the wineries bring in experts from other places who are highly skilled in winemaking. But the large percentage of people working in these wineries is made up of locals who contribute significantly in the production and sales. The wineries also get most of their grapes from the area surrounding the city. This also plays an important role in growing the economy of this particular city.

The wineries in Kelowna usually make different types of wines to satisfy all the aspects of the market. Some concentrate on making just certain types of wines. But most of them make an assortment of wines especially the relatively big wineries. Experts do test and taste the wines to ensure they have the right flavors. The wines might also be kept for considerable periods of time so that they can achieve the right qualities. This is especially because the older the wine the better it becomes. The different shops are strategically located in places where they are easily accessible. This is to make sure that transport to and from convenient especially for wine-tasting tours which are very popular. Therefore, the Kelowna wineries make high-quality wine which makes them and this city very popular in Canada and also in other parts of the world.


Displaying Your Wine With A Wine Cellar Bar

 A Wine Cellar Bar

The challenge when decorating a home lies in the ability to offer a comfortable, practical environment while still including all the style aspects that you enjoy. With the display screen of items that have meaning to you, you draw individuals into your home and offer them a glimpse into your personality. For wine lovers, the display of a lovely collection can include instant elegance to any room. And the performance of a wine cellar bar enables you to achieve this while still maximizing space and providing helpful storage. A wine rack bar serves a double function, saving and displaying wine bottles, while supplying area for serving drinks. It can be a fantastic method to pull a room together, ridding it of mess, and organizing wine bottles in an effective and functional system. When choosing a wine cellar bar, check the overall appearance of the room where you will position it. Be sure the wine rack bar blends into your general decoration; this can be achieved quite quickly as wine racks been available in a range of styles, colors, and products. Constructed of solid wood of numerous ranges, metal, and wrought iron, the wine cellar bar can lend itself to a range of various embellishing themes.

So if a modern design is exactly what you’re wanting to accomplish, then a wine cellar bar made of metal or streamlined wood will easily fit your requirements; if it’s a natural feel you enjoy, then a lighter wood or even wrought iron style might assist you to achieve your result. A wine cellar bar needs to represent both the size of your living area and the size of your wine collection. For the screen of just a couple of bottles– or in smaller living environments– a basic, smaller wine rack bar will fit quite perfectly. For bigger wine bottle collections– or in bigger living areas– you can get away with a more grand wine rack bar. Furthermore, if you likewise opt to display and save stemware and barware, you may decide to look for a system that has a bit more accessories than the simpler designs. Once you take space, style, and price into factor to consider you’re ready to discover the best wine rack bar. Start by searching in furnishings shops– you might be amazed at the affordably lovely designs. But no matter where you purchase your wine rack bar, you will surely discover its existence one that brings organization and elegance to your home.






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