Built-In VS Freestanding Wine Fridges

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Built-In VS Freestanding Wine Fridges – Crucial Things to Consider

If you are a wine lover, you will naturally wish to buy a new wine refrigerator for your personal use at home. While shopping for the right choice, you will notice that there are 2 basic types of wine coolers at ClevelandLeader. These include freestanding and built-in models. There are several differences between the two. As the name suggests, freestanding ones are meant to be installed separately. These cannot be installed under a counter, since that can easily endanger the life of the unit, as well as, the wines inside. On the other hand, built-in freezers are designed to be installed under a counter. These come with vents in front of the unit which lets the fridge work properly even with wooden cabinetry on all 3 sides.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Between a Freestanding and a Built-In

When you go shopping for a new wine fridge, you need to consider several factors before you make the final choice. Some of the vital factors have been discussed below.

  1. Placement of The Fridge: It is very important that you decide upon the place where you wish to install the fridge. If you prefer to fill up an empty cabinet space, then choosing a built-in wine refrigerator will be a good idea. These appliances are especially designed to fit into under-the-counter small spaces. However, if you wish to place the appliance to occupy an empty space in one of your rooms, then purchasing a freestanding unit will be a good option.
  2. Capacity of The Unit: Once you determine the place where you plan to install the wine fridge, the next major factor to consider is the number of wine bottles you plan to store inside the appliance. When you decide to go for a built-in refrigerator, you need to remember that these are usually compact in size. This is simply because these are designed to be installed under a counter. Since these have a limited size, their capacity is also limited. On the other hand, freestanding appliances provide more room for you to store your wines with ease.
  3. Temperature Zones: One of the primary differences between a built-in and a freestanding wine fridge is the different temperature zones. Most of the wine coolers come with a single temperature zone section. This means the same temperature is maintained throughout the appliance. Such units are usually god for users who use one kind or wine, white or red. If you start storing different types of wine in the same fridge, then you will need to use one which comes with a dual temperature feature.
  4. Cooling Options: It is good to know that there are wine coolers with different cooling options. Some come with compressor cooling, some come with thermoelectric cooling, and some come with air cooled technology. Those with compressor cooling technology tend to vibrate a lot at times which may disrupt the sediments of the wine. Wine coolers that run on thermoelectric cooling technology are quieter and cool in an even manner. Wine coolers with air cooled technology tend to be built-in rather than freestanding.