Uvas Blanca Vineyard

City Winery has established relationships with a number of premium vineyards for the 2011 harvest. Here’s a look at one of our partners, Uvas Blanca Vineyard.

VARIETY: Riesling
LOCATION/REGION: Seneca Lake, Finger Lakes AVA
CLONE: Clone 239 over 3309
TERROIR: Heavy shale soil
OTHER INFO: VSP trellising, 5-10 slope
PRICE: $1,783 per barrel

DESCRIPTION: Riesling has become the darling of sommeliers, who appreciate its complex aromas and flavors, ability to pair well with many foods, and wide range of styles from bone dry to decadently sweet. This vineyard owes more than just its signature views to Seneca Lake, as the rootstock comes from Hermann Wiemer, one of the area’s most prominent Riesling producers. With plantings extending to the shore, the moderating effects of the 600-foot deep lake create a micro-climate that generates superb riesling grapes in this this cool-climate AVA. Strict viticulture practices and the insistence upon vine balance have resulted in reliably high quality fruit over the years. The heavy shale soils and sloping land make this a prized vineyard in a region which is quickly gaining world wide recognition for producing top quality Riesling.

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